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On-the-Job-Training (OJT)

On the Job Training (OJT) is requirements for the college to experience the several jobs that related to your course and help you to know more how the proper way to works and experience the works of the employee in the company when you are trained as a student trainee, and when you finished your course and find a job someday you are ready to face your works, because you have experience as a student trainee or OJT during your college.

During my OJT in the Capitol at Hon. David Felix Bauson Office, Board Member of Municipality of Panitan and President of Philippines Councilors League of Capiz. I was experience that on my first day I am afraid that maybe I am get mistake and also I didn’t know what I am doing. But I am thankful that the secretary of Hon. David teach me for what I am do. During my first day I am observing what they do and I got it, and every thursday that the day that were all busy because that day are their session day but on other day except thursday that are not a busy day in the office.

I am always first came in the office and most of my companion the casual they came late because that day are not a busy day and also our boss are not on that day. And you know what they do? They chat in the internet and also friedster, and on my part I just sitted in my table and watching on them that they are chatting, but sometimes I read a newspaper and play a puzzle in the newspaper because we have no works. but we are all close with my boss and the secretary and the casual. That is my OJT in the capitol and I have learned a lot on them.


College Student in Capiz

Many young people are not to go in college because they cannot afford the tuition fees in college because their parents are lack of work and financially constraint to bring their children in college. As a college student of capiz I observe the roles and regulations of the school and my school alma mater the Filamer Christian College. At my first walking on the aisles of this institution, I was amazed that I cannot imagine myself to be here as a work student. Filamer Christian College of capiz really help me a lot, financially as well, as discovering my aptitudes as a person, without this school in capiz I cannot to continue my college. Work study program organization indeed taught me the spirit of leadership and industriousness. The organization which I use to be in had fixed my broken dreams which I think it was for nothing but just a dream forever. And as a college student of capiz I am willingly share my knowledge to the young people that cannot enter the college and I will teach them that if they really want to pursue to school and if they are industrious there are some many ways to be part of a college student of capiz and also God has a purpose.

Being a student we have a task to be acomplish, the task is to fulfill our goal in life. We have to take the course to have a profession , God created us to have a role in this world. As a student we have responsibilities, we have to study hard and also we have to finish the challenges or trials that we face. Almost student here in capiz are very talented, knowledgeable and honest.  

Captivating Capiz-Municipality of Cuartero

“The Rich History of Cuartero”

Captivating Capiz (Municipality of Cuartero). Decades before the 6th century, before the spaniards came back to the Philippines, Cuartero was a dense forest inhabited by some tropical animals, bats, rodents and some man eating animals. As time went on, some members of the sumakwelan settlers happened to reach place using the river, now known as the panay river, as their means of passage. They began cutting down the big trees that paved the way for their homes. The early settlers established their settlements along the riverbanks. As other settlers came by the hundreds, the clearings were made wider. As the settlement expanded and widened, the settlers agreed to give a name to the place. The first name given was Binudhian, and then it was change to Mapang, after a creek. People from neighboring places came to settle in the place. After a while, the name was change again to Fonda, meaning founder. As years passed, the name of the place bacame CUARTERO, in honor of the Bishop of Jaro who inaugurated the church in 1890. It bacame an arabal of Dao sometime in 1973. All taxes, personal and real estate had to be paid in Dao Municipal Treasury.

      For almost half of the century of concerted efforts and struggle to become an independent municipality, answer came when all required papers and documents were complecated. Manuel Funa, a noted businessman and Pascual de la Torre, a Spaniard, went to Manila to present the documents for approval. On August 23, 1938, Pres. Manuel L. Quezon approved the separation of Cuartero from Dao on Executive Order 159.

      Since then, elected officials and the people, to date, worked hard in making Cuartero to what is today. Now, under the administration of Hon. Roger F. Flores and Hon. Lolito Hijosa, Cuartero is emerging as a booming and progressive municipality. Its people continue to maintain the ties among themto preserve the spirit of love, peace and unity. Cuartero was belong to Panay Island.



On November 30, 1872, Captivating Cuartero was erected as a parish. As a token of gratitude, the parishioners unanimously  agreed to change the name of the settlement to Cuartero, in honor of Bishop Mariano Cuartero of Jaro. As a parish, the spiritual needs of the people were attended. Because of the cooperation of the people and their leaders, a parish church was built, likewise a convent, through the Polo System. The Old befry, which had survived several earthquakes, is a historical remain, which still stands as a monument and the mirror of our forefathers’ sacrifice.



Known as the central trades and commercial negotiations of the town, the market place stayed with the people and the town for centuries. Now, newly constructed commercial complex are visiblein the center of the market.



The famous globe of general Esteban Contreras in a horse on top in located in the center of the Veteran’s park in the heart of the town. The globe is constructed in the honor of the heroic deeds of General Esteban Contreras when he was alive.



Cuartero is an agricultural town producing rice, corn, coconut fruits and vegetables, coffee, legumes and others. The people have massive plantations of high valued crops. The town is blessed by favorable climate, adequate water source, and suitable and fertile soil for agricultural products. The average rice production of the town can sufficiently feed the entire town’s population. athe upland areas are planted with timber and fruit trees. Majority of the people are engage in livestock production and poultry raising. Craftworks and other household industries also contribute to the economy. The abundance of raw materials.



Socio-Economic parameters education

Enrollment in the elemenrary school is steadily increasing. The town has 2 national high schools, 12 complete elementary and 8 primary schools. The present administration have distributed television and VHS sets to the schools with the aim to bring educational programs specifically sciences and the lives of our heroes to the children.


The town has one main Health Center in the Poblacion and barangays Health Stations. A physician, a dentist, a nurse several midwives and 2 sanitary inspectors man it. The town has 220 CVHWS and 21 trained hilots.


The municipality is intensifying its efforts to electrify the whole town for a better and brighter Captivating Cuartero. Now, almost all barangays availed of the services of the CAPELCO. In hand with the NAPOCOR, Cuartero is pursuing the chance to go by far in the remote and secluded areas to reach electrification.



Agdahanay festival. The Agdahanay festival is held every 13th of June in honor of the town’s patron saint, St. Anthony de Padua. It coincides with the town’s annual fiesta. This was conceptualized to give due recognition to the cuarteronhon’s hospitality. The agdahanay means inviting and accommodating others. This is the people’s way of thanksgiving to the lord for all the graces they have received the whole year. One whole week of fun, the people enjoy revelry, cultural activities and frenzied street dancing. A concelebrated mass is held, then a cultural parade follows showcasing the cultural heritage and traditions of Cuartero.



The event is held every 3rd Friday of every month. This was given attention to focus awareness on environmental concerns of the nation and to do its share in safeguarding the environment. The cuarteronhons with the municipal officials and employees take time out planting trees and cleaning the environment.

Student of Filamer Christian College (fcc)

As a student of (fcc) Filamer Christian College I am proud to be part of filamerian student because this school I learn more and I observe that our faculty are deserving to teach for the student this school is also a credited school means a high quality school here in capiz. The filamer christian college have also an organization for the student the “Work Study Program Organization” (WSPO) and I am the one of the member in that organization and I’m so proud to become a member in that organization you are working for your studying. The benefits of this organization helps for those college student that they cannot afford of there tuition fees.

“The importance of domain name”

On the World Wide Web your domain name is your own unique identity. No two parties can ever hold the same domain name simultaneously; therefore your Internet identity is totally unique. If you have a business site on the Internet your domain name is your own online brand and in a sense you can use your domain name as your online business card. With your own domain name your web site, and e-mail addresses for example will have that professional look, being unique to your business. Many people often miss the importance of having and then keeping their domain name until they lose it. Once this happens they soon realize that they have lost their whole online identity. How does a domain name work?